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The Revolution

Starting a Revolution

Too often the mention of performance management produces an eye roll or a wry smile by the recipient. Memories of performance evaluations from the past often conjure feelings of disgust, contempt or amusement.  The discipline is much more than a yearly discussion as it is an essential tool in running an organization. To change the perception of this discipline requires more than reform but a revolution. 

The Revolution is changing how large or small organizations, profit or nonprofit view the discipline. Over my  25 years working in corporate America or with small business, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, I have come to realize that the performance management fundamentals are essential for every organization regardless of size. 

As the third decade of the 21st Century approaches, a performance management system has to reflect the age in which it operates. This revolution aims to create a system that produces workforce's that are innovative, productive, healthy and just. 

The rates of change are fast from competitors or new entrants making current products obsolete. An organization must be innovative to face challenges, seize opportunities, and avoid threats.  

An organization must maximize its productive resources. In the pursuit of profit organizations attempt to increase speed while reducing costs. But this fixation can divert an organization away from significant wins. A performance management system must focus on cost reduction but also future victories to keep the organization relevant. Production's focus is not tinkering on the edges but creating big wins. 

The great challenge of the coming decade is the rising costs of healthcare. A healthy workforce has tremendous advantages to performance, but it will also drive higher profits. Giving staff the tools to become emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy gives organizations an incredible competitive advantage. 

Finally, the organization must be just to all stakeholders. Each entity has an interpretation of what success is for the organization. The Rosetta stone that keeps all stakeholders on the same page is the performance management system. Getting all parties driving toward a common destination is essential but without having stakeholders trust in the other, division and discord will reign. 

Please take some time and read more about the tools of the revolution.

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PERI Performance Management System


PERI develops an infrastructure for success, a culture of improvement within the framework of 168 Management.  

Infrastructure for Success


Assess capacity document, scorecard and meeting effectiveness implementing the strategic or business plan. 

Culture of Improvement


focus on the variance between assumptions of the plan; its actions, behaviors, timelines, and outcomes against actual performance gaining knowledge and experience to improve people, performance and future planning.  

168 Management


Understands that along with the pursuit of excellence working for an organization. The staff has families to raise, communities to serve while maintaining their emotional, physical and spiritual health.  A workforce that has a balanced approach to life is more focused, healthy and productive over the long term. 

168 Podcast


Guests share a passion, information, and ideas on how to make the best use of time to effectively accomplish his or her goals in all domains of life—work, home, social life, and hobbies.

Performance thought of the week


thoughts on the discipline of performance management to help small business, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs maximize the potential of their organizations. 

PERI Performance Management System

Is your plan a living or dormant document?

An organization executing a business plan or implementing a new strategy face the same challenge; How to deliver on the promise of the document. Most are created with a flourish of creativity and promise but fail to achieve desired results. Why is this?   As the military proverb states, no battle plan survives contact with an enemy; no strategy or business plan survives contact with reality. 

Why do plans fail?

When leaders and staff leave a planning session with hope and promise of success,  the question arises, why do so many fail? Their reasons are multi-faceted. The implementation does not occur in a new world but one built over time. Human nature clings to the comfort of what has worked in the past. People have built careers off of success in the old system and fear change. Examples like this and many others make an effort to implement great leading documents to become ignored and dormant.

If leadership has the determination to overcome this first obstacle,  the challenges of implementation face them. Problems include poor execution,  design flaws, and changes in the environment making them obsolete.  Leaders must keep a focus on all potential pitfalls throughout implementation. Symptoms of each are different requiring different responses as they arise. 

A living document increases chances for success.  

A living document keeps a constant focus on actions, behaviors, timelines, and outcomes from the plan and makes it part of the consciousness of the organization significantly increasing the chances for success.  Changes occur in many areas of an organization.  The anticipated execution and results change the capacity plan. Scorecards must adapt adding sections to compare actual results against expectations. The meeting structure must keep implementation and results in sharp focus creating an environment of open and honest discussions about progress. 


What is the cost of the inability to execute correctly?   

Costs are many. First, the plan fails to recoup the time, effort and resources from creating the strategy. The failure to realize the potential benefits or stemming the tide of poor results can cripple future potential. Finally, the inability to execute has a terrible effect on the effectiveness of leaders who attempt to implement. A capable performance management system turns the promise of the plan into success. 


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Gabi Mazar and I talk business, health and time maximization. .


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